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How Traffic Syndicate 25 Works

The overall concept of Traffic Syndicate 25 (referred to as ts25 from now on) is really very simple. Members will earn traffic credits for doing a variety of things, such as surfing the network, referring others, etc. These traffic credits can then be used to direct visitors to the website(s) of your choice.

IMPORTANT: Traffic Syndicate 25 is NOT an MLM, matrix, or other multi-level income program. We do NOT pay cash commissions for referring other members and recruiting is NOT required. We offer members a FREE traffic account that can be used to earn traffic to the website(s) of their choice. We also offer 2 premium membership accounts which will give you greater flexibility in managing your traffic needs. ALL members (free or premium) are given the same opportunity to sell their traffic credits for Logibucks. These Logibucks are an internal reward currency that members can transfer to any other account they own within the Logiscape network of traffic sites. Logibucks have NO cash value outside the Logiscape network of sites.

Although the overall concept is simple, the inner workings of ts25 are considerably more complex. It is this complexity, however, that makes ts25 so powerful and is what sets it apart from all other traffic exchanges. This brief explanation will highlight some of the larger concepts that make up ts25, however the best way to fully understand how everything works is to simply sign up for a free account and check it out for yourself. We guarantee that it is unlike anything you have ever seen, and you will be amazed at what it can do for you.

Before we start on the details of how this all works, you should realize that if you are looking to simply sign up and then sit back and do nothing in hopes of earning lots of traffic, this is not the place for you. The type of program that allows the lazy members to earn lots of traffic is either taking away from the hard-working members or else they are flooding the program with more traffic than they could ever deliver. Traffic Syndicate 25 is set up to reward the hard-working members the most and reward them well. This is why we have completely removed the concept of a downline ... that's right, there is NO downline to build. If you are looking for high quality traffic and you are willing to do your part, then you will find that no other program can even compare.


When you first sign up for your ts25 account, you will be integrated into one of two main "structures". These two "structures" are referred to as the "syndicate pool" and the "syndicate groups". If you choose to sign up for the free account (Silver membership), then you will enter the syndicate pool. If you choose to sign up for a premium account (Gold or Platinum membership), then you will bypass the pool and be assigned a special syndicate group.

It is important to note that if you choose to register for the free account (Silver membership), then you can always upgrade your account at a future time and be assigned a syndicate group. Another way you can be placed into a syndicate group without upgrading is to earn a position by simply being ranked among the top achievers within the pool every week. This will be explained in more detail in a minute.

Now, before we go any further it is important that you understand something that makes ts25 different from every other traffic exchange. With all other exchanges, members join and then are left by themselves to either succeed or fail. With ts25, members who are assigned a syndicate group are part of individual "syndicates". Each individual syndicate consists of 25 members working in a group together to maximize their earnings. It is this type of group structure that provides the support needed to help members stay active and put in that extra little effort ... and this results in great rewards for your effort.

And remember, even if you do not wish to upgrade to a premium membership, there is still a way for you to get into a syndicate group and gain all the advantages of working together with 24 other members. At the end of every week, all members within the syndicate pool will be ranked by the amount of effort they put in during the week. Based on these rankings, the top members will be selected to fill in any "gaps" in the other groups (from a member who cancelled his/her membership, etc.) and to form at least one new syndicate. If you were not lucky enough to be picked in a given week, then you will remain in the syndicate pool and be able to try again the next week.



Will I still earn traffic credits from viewing other members' websites while I am in the syndicate pool? The answer is ... absolutely!

If I get selected for a syndicate group, will I have to pay for a premium membership? No, you will not have to pay anything unless you would like to upgrade to earn even more and receive even greater benefits.

Do I have to refer other members to ts25? Although we would love it if our members would tell others about ts25, referring new members is not a requirement. In fact, there is no downline to build whatsoever.

So why should I refer new members if there is no downline to build? Everyone you refer is still classified as one of your direct referrals and you will earn even more if they are actively using ts25. Plus, having lots of referrals will help you to rank high every week and therefore earn a better position within the syndicate structure.



Although it is unrealistic to try and cover every detail that makes ts25 so incredible, we will highlight some of the more important ones.

This section is best broken down by the two "structures" that members fall into, namely the "syndicate pool" and the "syndicate group structure".

Details for the syndicate pool:

  • This is where you will start if you sign up for the free account

  • Your ultimate goal while in the pool is to earn a position within a syndicate in the main syndicate structure

  • Every week, all members within the syndicate pool are ranked and the top members will be selected to form a new syndicate within the syndicate structure

  • While you are in the syndicate pool, you will still be earning traffic credits for viewing other members' websites

Details for the syndicate group structure:

  • This is where you will start if you sign up for either of the premium memberships (Gold or Platinum)

  • Members will be placed into a syndicate if they upgrade to a premium membership level (Gold or Platinum) ... or earn a spot in the weekly competition

  • Each individual syndicate consists of 25 members working together

  • You can earn additional rewards from all your direct referrals. Since there is no downline structure in ts25, this means that any rewards you get are going to come from your own personal effort or that of your direct referrals ... no sitting back and waiting for others to do all the work!

  • Every week, a new syndicate will be created from the top ranked members out of the syndicate pool.

  • Every week, all members that have been assigned a syndicate will also be ranked and then re-positioned into new syndicates for the next week. This means that if you work hard, you could move into a syndicate that is getting more rewards than your previous syndicate was getting.

  • Any Silver members (free account) who are not contributing anymore to their syndicate will be removed from their syndicate and will have to earn their way back into a syndicate in future weeks. This will keep the syndicates full of only the members who are willing to contribute to the network.

  • As long as you are either a Gold or Platinum member, you will always maintain a position within a syndicate. You will never be dropped back to the syndicate pool.

  • Each syndicate will be working hard to increase their total rewards. There will be competitions and other exciting promotions offerred for successful syndicates.

  • Everything that you do not only helps yourself out, but also contributes to your syndicate earnings which will be divided up among all members of the syndicate at the end of the week.


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