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Referring new members to Traffic Syndicate 25

Referring members to traffic syndicate 25 is NOT a requirement of membership. Members may choose to refer other members to the site and in turn may receive compensation from the company for doing so. Traffic syndicate 25 is NOT an MLM, pyramid or matix and does NOT require recruitment as part of maintaining a membership. Furthermore, a member's membership level has no bearing on their ability to refer others and receive compensation should compensation be offered by ts25. To learn more about our unique referral and downline system, please select the "How It Works" link or view the Flash presentation.

All members of ts25 have agreed to NOT use spam or UCE of any kind in their advertising or promoting efforts. If you have been referred to this site through the use of spam or UCE, then you are asked to lodge a complaint against that member with our support department. We take all matters involving spam very seriously and will immediately remove any such member from our network followed by further action if necessary. To access our support department, please click HERE


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